Hirschorn Sculpture Museum

I went back here to see some of the installations and get some pictures that I missed the first time around, and was happily surprised on this visit, it went a lot better. There was a whole show going on when I went, and it had a lot more interesting things than just the boring sculptures I saw before that were still there. The one i saw before that I liked was by Spencer Finch, called Cloud. I like the use of the dim lightbulbs and how they are spaced apart. The repetition of each strand, and how its pretty simple it how its hanging is nice to hide the underlying structure, and gives the illusion of it just hovering in the air.

A new sculpture I saw this time was by Sol DeWitt, called 13/11. I liked being able to walk around it and see all the different shapes and ways the lines would converge. 

This one is by Robert Gober, and is Untitled. The window area itself is really high up on the wall, and is so simple looking, but it has interest because I wanted to be able to see what was going on through the other side, which is impossible. 

They also had a large section of video displays and other installations that I couldnt take pictures of but were really neat. One was a whole room sized piece that had a bunch of tables with different objects on turntables. They each had lamps behind them, and cast moving shadows onto the wall, and it also had a music and sounds going along with it. Other areas had huge wraparound displays that you could stand inside of and be surrounded by. One put you into a walkthrough style animation, others were more like moving portraits. 

They also had these light installations by Dan Flavin. The pictures came out pretty bad from my phone from the all the florescent tubes and lights but it was pretty fun to be in the space and walk around in, especially after talking more about it with my professor. It's such a simple use of space, light, and color, but has a pretty commanding presence when being there. 

Outside nearby is a sculpture garden, but it was closing pretty much when I got there, so I just took one quick picture of this by the gates. I liked how the sunlight played with the geometric patterns and cubes.